Open Notebook

A free and Open Source application for creating digital math worksheets that can be completed by students on their computers.

Saving Worksheets as PDFs

OpenNotebook comes with a lot of functionality baked in for students to work with your materials on their computers. While we hope that these features will be useful, we know that many devices do not support Java, and you probably want to share what you make with students and teachers that don't have the software installed.

The application currently does not come with a built-in solution for generating PDFs, but it is still possible to generate PDFs using other print-to-PDF software. If you are on a Mac, or Windows 10, these features are available by default. If you are on an older version of windows you will need to install a print-to-PDF program. Trying to research the best ones I found that a bunch of the previously good options have moved to installing adware and spyware. It looks like my best recommendation for now is going to be upgrading to windows 10.

Windows 10 Tutorial
Mac OS Tutorial

If you would like to try to get PDFs printing on an older version of Windows, you can try to install one of the options given here. It looks like several of the options do allow you to decline to install the extra add-ons and browser toolbars, but they likely install by default. Be sure to read carefully when going through the install process. We will try to work on providing a better solution for OpenNotebook users in the near future.

Print to PDF on Windows Options